Thursday, September 08, 2011

|{ My 23rd Birthday }|

I had the most amazing birthday this year!!!  My dearest husband threw me a surprise party and he did it so perfectly!! I was over at my friend's (Katie and Doug) house the day before my birthday sewing curtains so we can finally finish decorating our house and they were going to make dinner but they were 'out of rosemary' and wondered if we had any.  So we hoped in the car to go and grab some rosemary only to find a group of people yelling surprise at me when I opened the door the house!  Haha!! They did so well at tricking me.  Doug even had a pot of boiling water on upstairs and kept turning on the microwave even though there was nothing in it to convince me that he really was making dinner. Lol!

It was a great party! It was so fun to see everyone who came!! Jon even decorated my cake tiger-striped, it was perfect!! After that we went and played Dutch Darts and everyone had a blast!! It was a fabulous party!!

On my birthday we went out to breakfast together at Angelo's (a super popular eatery here in A2 (Ann Arbor)), we decided that it is definitely going to be our birthday tradition as it is delicious and you get a free meal on you birthday!

After that we went home and I opened up my presents!! I am always so impressed with my husband's skill of gift giving, he knows me so well and really pays attention to what I say.  I have all of the Harry Potter books, but the first 4 I had in paperback and the last 3 I had in hardback.  Hubby got me the first 4 in hardback, he also got me the Harry Potter 6 game on the Wii (which I told him I wanted the Harry Potter games for the Wii so he went online and found the one that people said was the most fun and got me that one, I LOVE IT!), I also got my favorite perfume, a lap fan for my computer so it will stop dying when I try to do anything that it finds too strenuous, some jewelry, and some clothes! He is THE BEST!!

Then he had to go to class which was sad but it wasn't for too long.  After he got home we went and got free birthday stuff!! (We got 6 free bagels and gelato (ginger-flavored=AMAZING)!).  Then we got together with our lovely friends Katie and Doug (and Paige) and we went raspberry picking!!! Which would have been super delightful only we realized that we really should have brought bug spray, there were so many mosquitoes it was ridiculous!! We only picked for probably less than 5 minutes before we called retreat and ran back to the that time I collected a total of 45 bites...yeah... We really should think more about terms like "pesticide-free" means LOTS of bugs, and "we make our own honey" means LOTS of bees.... It makes a good memory though! Haha!

Then we came back and Jon made Tangerine Stir Fry Beef with Sushi Rice!!! YUMMY!!! And then we played some games, Katie totally dominated!! :) It was a wonderful birthday!!

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