Thursday, October 06, 2011

|{ Raspberries: Take II }|

So remember how I told you about the last time we attempted to go raspberry picking and got eaten by insects?

Well we decided that we needed to try again.  We took our friends Katy and Clayton and one of their couple friends (names are eluding me) and went back to the same place to pick some raspberries.  We really wanted to pick some of the yellow and amber raspberries and didn't get a chance last time.

So, armed with clothes that covered us up and mosquito repellent to use if needed, we headed out.  And this time it was lovely!!! We didn't even need the repellent and got to pick all three kinds of berries! It was wonderful and we had a great time!! The yellow ones were pretty much just tart versions of the red, but the amber ones were AMAZING! We decided that the only was to describe them was that were kind of apricot-y! YUM!! I'm glad we gave it another shot.

On another note, I'm really missing the Clark's.  Jon has been super busy with school lately and we haven't really got the chance to hang out with anybody... I can't wait until our Harry Potter marathon when the last movie comes out on DVD! :)


  1. Where do you guys go raspberry picking around here? Those look amazing!

  2. I didn't even know they had yellow berries. They are so pretty and look so tasty!