Sunday, February 19, 2012

|{ Guest Post- Our Little Fam }|

Today I have my first guest post for you!!! Ashlee over at Our Little Fam is such a sweetheart and I'm excited for you to meet her!!

Hey there bloggers,
I am Ashlee, over at Our Little Fam. I am so happy to be guest posting for Shalay! She is so sweet and I adore her blog! She is super woman =)
Meet my family

Since this last family picture our sweet little boy has arrived. I am now a wife and mother to two sweet little boys.

My husband, call him J, is a busy man. He works full time and is currently in the military. (He is also a full time student, YAY school! Haha) He was deployed to Iraq during the summer of 2010 for a 12 month tour and returned in 2011. Can’t believe it’s now 2012. His time away from home seemed to last forever, and his time home with us always goes by so fast.  
He loves the outdoors, especially running. Is a computer nerd and loves bacon. =)
I am a full time mama and student. Although, this semester since our new little one arrived and I am adjusting to being a mother of two, I am going part time. Next semester is back to full time again. I am working on my pre nursing reqs. One day I will see the light at the end of the tunnel and I will be finished and happy with my career as an RN ;) Eventually my goal is to work in L&D.
I enjoy blogging, crafting, cooking (this is something new to me though haha), playing with my little boys, and time with my hubby.

This is “Little E”, our little stud and the older brother. He will be turning 3 in April. He sure keeps me on my toes. He is always teaching me something new. He is full of laughter, generosity, and of course attitude. Haha. I am so blessed to be a mama, absolutely love it!

Here is “Baby G”, he arrived on 12/30/2011. He was full term, but was born with fluid in his lungs and couldn’t seem to get the breathing part down. When he was born he was life flighted to a different hospital and spent 12 days in the NICU. He was sent home on oxygen. After his first month of life on oxygen we were able to ditch it (except for when he uses his car seat). He is our little fighter, he has already endured a lot within his first month and a half of life.

Come visit us and get to know us more over at Our Little Fam, I would love to get to know all of you and follow your blogs! I blog about life as a mom, wife, student, and whatever else I feel like writing about. Recently it has been crafts and food since I am a newbie when it comes to cooking. (P.s., if you have any fun crafts or recipes come share them with me!)
Thank you Shalay for hosting me on your blog! You are so awesome and your readers are so lucky to get to know you through your blog!!



  1. Aw, this was fun posting for each other! Love it :) xoxo

  2. Awesome guest post! It's so fun to actually get to know more about my bloggy friends!

    1. I totally agree!! I love getting to know more about the people I follow!! :)