Saturday, April 14, 2012

|{ First Time At Drill }|

Jonathan had his first day of drill today for the National Guard and I took some photos of him when he got home! It's so crazy to see him in his uniform, it gives me chills just to look at him. I'm so very proud of him!


  1. Congrats to you both! That is really awesome.

  2. He looks great! Gotta love a man in uniform :)
    (p.s. do you have a blog button? If not, if you know how to make one I would love to put it on my page.)

  3. Congrats! I know that swell of pride well. I still get it to this day, and I've been with my Airman for 6+ years, and he's been in for 13+ years.

    I'm so happy I found your blog through the Mil-blogging buddies FB. Can't wait to get to know you more. Have a great week :)