Friday, August 17, 2012

|{ The BIG Test }|

Since before the first day of massage school we have been hearing about the dreaded NMT (Neuromuscular Therapy) exam that is at the end of the year! It's no surprise that the whole class was scared out of their wits! Honestly, if the teachers wouldn't make such a big deal about it and keep any actual info about the test a secret until it's almost there then it would NOT be so scary!

Anyway, I took this big test which included writing the attachments for a routine of my choosing, doing said routine, writing down the attachments for 10 muscles that I pull out of a bag, and working on 6 extra muscles that are not in my routine but are giving randomly by the tester.  The only thing I really had a hard time with was the attachments of the 10 muscles.  They were ALL really hard for me!! There was only 1 that I even sort of knew.  I really should have studied harder! BUT, I PASSED!!!! You have to get 75% to pass, guess what I got???..... 76%! BOO-YA!!! Haha! I don't even care, I'm just glad I passed!! Especially considering that my tester was the school director! Yikes!

Now I just need to do a few more clinic hours and tie up a couple of loose ends and I'll be ready to graduate from massage school!! How crazy is that?! I can't even believe it's been a whole year!! WOW!!

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