Wednesday, August 22, 2012

|{ Do Blondes Have More Fun? }|

I had the most lovely day yesterday! I went and got a massage (because it's a graduation requirement) and actually felt good results afterwards!! You would think that being in massage school would mean I get massaged all the time, which is partially true. I do get massaged, just not nicely. We're just bodies for other people to work on so our issues are not actually focused on, so it was nice to get a massage where and how I actually needed it for once! :)

Then I got to go and get my hair done! I REALLY needed to touch up my roots and I wanted some bangs too.  I also got my eyebrows shaped, which I have never done at a salon before, so that was cool! I have been working towards going lighter and lighter and this is wear I am right now. It's such a cool color! I really like how light it is! :)

I saw this photo on Pinterest today and I can't get enough of how awesome that color is!!!!

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