Wednesday, September 12, 2012

|{ Julie & Julia }|

I just watched this movie on TV and no matter how many times I see it I just love it!  It reminds me of when Jonathan and I were Italy because I saw it for the first time on the plane on the way there, then I bought the book (I believe it was in Rome), and read it while we were there.

I came home with a plan to start my own cooking project, which I did for a while until I just stopped, like I always do.

I think I like the movie (and the book) for multiple reasons:
1- I really do LOVE cooking and watching it always gets me in the mood to start cooking again.  I have definitely been in a cooking slump and I think I'm ready to get out of that!
2- I LOVE blogging and I can relate to how she feels about blogging and how exciting it is to get a comment (even if it is from someone you know)! And though my blog never has been nor ever will be as big of a deal as hers turned out to be, I still love my blog!
3- I feel like I can relate to her character a lot, we have a lot of the same temperaments and I feel like I would react in similar ways as she does to things going wrong.
4- And of course you can NEVER go wrong with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams is so adorable (and was in The Office!)

So, I'm feeling the need to try this project again. Yeah, laugh it up, you're probably right, it won't last long.  I need to take the time to figure it out exactly what I want to do and to make it a realistic goal.  No 524 recipes in 365 days. I'm not that motivated.

But first on my list:
Make Boeuf Bourguignon- Julia Child's Boeuf Bourguignon

Because it looks way to delicious to not taste!!

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