Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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Things have been very busy over here in the Peterson household!  The hubby was about to start his 3rd year of medical school, in which he would get to start with rotations, when life threw us a curve ball.

Though it was really hard to go through at the time and left us feeling frustrated and angry I think that it turned out for the better!

Jonathan found a great lab to do research in this year instead, postponing medical school until next year! He is already having a lot of success, he is getting paid for it, and he will get MANY publications out of it which will help him to get into a really good residency!

He has been VERY VERY busy!! Definitely more busy than his classmates who did get to start their 3rd year! He spends every day in lab, even the weekends, and is there from around 8-10 in the morning to 8-12 every evening! I don't get to see him much so when I do I try to take advantage of it.  Usually the weekends are less busy when he only goes in for a few hours.  He has had a few days off, mostly for things like birthdays and my graduation, and those days are always awesome!

I am so proud of him for all the work that he has been doing and I'm excited for our future! He's so amazing!!

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