Monday, October 29, 2012

|{ End Of Fall + Bump Update }|

I decided that this last weekend was probably the last weekend of Fall.  Temperatures are definitely dropping over here and I have a feeling (or at least hoping) that we'll get some snow sooner rather than later!! It definitely is starting to feel like winter...and I LOVE it!! :)

We finally made it to the cider mill over the weekend! Definitely later than we would have liked to and most of the leaves are gone so it wasn't very Autumn looking.  I'm sure we would have gone earlier had there been apples to pick, but since it was such a bad harvest year there were no apples to pick.  So we went to Erwin Orchards, got some donuts and cider and went home.  Short trip but at least we made it.  And I actually didn't get cider.... since I'm pregnant and the cider is not pasteurized I had to get hot cocoa instead.  On the plus side, at the least the year that I didn't get cider and the year we couldn't pick apples ended up being in the same year.

On Saturday night we had our ward Halloween party.  We ran out of time and creativity this year when it came to costumes so I ended up at K-mart to buy our 50% off costumes.  At least we still looked pretty cute.  There were so many good costumes at the party! Everyone looked great and it was a lot of fun!

How Far Along:  10 weeks!

How Big Is Baby:  Baby is the size of a prune! (1.2 inches long, weighs .14 ounces)

Total Weight Gain:  I'm at 143 (pre-pregnancy weight was about 140)

Sleep:  Pretty good, though starting to dread the only sleeping on my side thing, it's not gonna be very comfy.

Best Moment Of The Week:  Spending Sunday with my husband eating chili and corn bread, and the Ward Halloween Party!

Food Cravings:  None. 

Food Aversions:  None.

Practically none this week.
Nausea- Pretty much gone.
Breakouts- The only thing really bothering me!
Other- Sore boobies, mild fatigue.

Gender:  Getting excited to find out!

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Seeing my family over Christmas! Can't wait to share my pregnancy joy with them! 

What I Miss:  Cider from the Orchard!

Next Doctor Appointment:  Tomorrow!! 

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!!

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