Thursday, May 30, 2013

|{ Playing Catch Up }|

So let's see. Jon is still working in lab and is crazy busy!! He is still there every single day and even does work most of the time when he comes home! It is going well though! He has 2 papers published and he is first author on both! He is also about to submit I think 3 more. He went to the American Burn Association Conference in California where he gave 2 presentations and he also got the student award for Outstanding Research!

He did decide to do a second year of research and will start his 3rd year of medical school in 2014!

I've been working, still doing massage. I left my last job at Massage By Sandy & Company when my boss was no longer able to pay me on a regular basis and I started working at Bellanina Day Spa! It's right in downtown Ann Arbor and I LOVE IT!! It's a wonderful place with great coworkers/boss and good clients too (who also tip well!) Oh, and Darren Criss (plays Blain on Glee) was my client one day...yes he was!! It was the most exciting thing ever!!

And that has pretty much been our lives the last few months, not too much to talk about. Just working working working all the time!

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  1. "oh and darren criss was my client one day...." like oh it's no big thing... You are too cute!