Tuesday, September 17, 2013

|{ My Baby Story- Part 1 }|

One of the reasons why I haven't blogged in the last few months was because I knew I was pregnant and we weren't ready to tell people yet.  And since that was the biggest thing going on in my life, I had no desire to talk about anything else.  haha!

But now we have told everyone and so I thought I would share our story!

In November I miscarried, I was only around 10 weeks pregnant but it was still devastating.  Even though it is super common, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, it was still one of those things that you think "Well that won't happen to me."  It was really hard and there was a lot of pain and sadness.  However, it did bring Jonathan and I even closer together and it meant everything to me to have him there.  I didn't have to go through it alone.

My doctor is INCREDIBLE, and I really appreciated the way she handled the situation and encouraged us for the next time we got pregnant.  We started trying again not too long after that.

The due date from my miscarriage would have been on May 27th, 2013.  As that date drew closer I found myself desperate to be pregnant again.  I wanted to be pregnant before that date came.  I decided that no matter what, I wanted to take a pregnancy test on that day.  It was a little earlier than they recommend you take the test, but I didn't care.  I just had to try on that day, I had to know.

So, expecting failure for another cycle, I took the test that day.  AND IT WAS POSITIVE!! I was shocked! I was sure it was going to be negative, Jonathan was sure it was going to be negative! But we both looked down at that test and it could not be more clear that we were pregnant again! And what could have been a very sad day, turned into a super happy one! We couldn't have been more excited...and worried.

The next few months would be filled with constant worry, worry that I would miscarry again.  We didn't tell anyone this time, though we did end up having to tell our bosses at one point.  We were excited but scared, we didn't want to feel that loss again.

A few days after we found out I had gone in for some blood work and scheduled my first doctors appointment.  About a day or so later I got a call from my doctor.  She was so happy on the phone! She said that she saw my name on her schedule and she was excited for me! She said it totally made her day to see my name! She said my tests came back fine but that she wasn't calling about that, that she just wanted to congratulate us! I love my doctor!

My doctors appointments could not come quickly enough.  Every appointment I had feared that she would not find the heartbeat, that it wouldn't be there anymore, that I would have a repeat experience from last time.  But she never even had to search for my baby, within seconds she had located it, every single time.  It was a relief.

Right around the time that I found out I was pregnant, I got a call from my brother.  Him and his wife were going to start trying for a baby! They had some questions, which I happily answered and I was excited for them! A month after that they called to tell us that they were pregnant!! They had only tried for a month, one cycle, and they were already pregnant! I was a little jealous of course, but super happy for them!!

My due date is January 27th, 2014.
Their due date is February 26th, 2014.
We are almost exactly a month apart.

And they told everyone the day that they took the positive pregnancy test! So now, everyone knows about them but no one knows about us and we are due earlier! Turns out that some members of my family began to wonder if I might be pregnant, mostly due to the fact that I was nothing but ecstatic for my brother, when all of them know how much I wanted to have the first baby on my side of the family (as the oldest).

So we finally made it to my second trimester! We had made it past the point where most miscarriages take place.  My first trimester was fairly easy.  A little nausea but nothing too severe.  I was almost disappointed.  All I wanted was some extra confirmation that I was really pregnant, but in the end I can't really complain.  :)
So we were finally ready to tell our families! We told every one through Skype, we didn't really do anything big this time, but showed them a picture of the ultrasound.  Everyone was thrilled.  Some even cried.  It was so sweet! It was kind of funny to tell my family, and especially my brother and his wife, since we are due before them.

Everything continued to go well! We did our first trimester screen and the chances of our baby having a chromosome abnormality is extremely low! It was a relief.  We have been so happy and excited!

At just before 20 weeks we had our anatomy scan appointment!! It was so awesome how much you could see of our little baby! Every little bone was visible, you could even see all the chambers of the heart! We even counted all 5 toes on one foot! It was so fun!!

We wanted to find out the gender but we didn't want them to tell us there.  So we had them write it down for us! That day we went to Party City with a box and the envelope and asked the worker there to fill the box with the appropriate colored balloons!  We then brought the box home, decorate the outside a little bit and decided to open it in the room that will be the nursery! We opened up the box and found out that


Here is the video we made:

I was so excited! I had sort of been hoping for a girl, but as soon as I saw those blue balloons I was nothing but thrilled!! I can't even wait for all the fun things we will be able to do with him!  We had a gender reveal party a few days later and made cupcakes with blue frosting in the middle for everyone to bite into! It was a lot of fun!

As far as names go:  We know his middle name will be Jonathan but that is all we are sure of right now. Naming a person is hard!!

So here I am, halfway through my pregnancy and happy as can be!!

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  1. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Your doctor is SO SWELL!!! I hope I get one like that the next go round :) You guys are going to have one cute baby! *MWAH*

  2. Congratulations again you two! We are so excited for you!

  3. That video brought tears to my eyes. I am beyond thrilled for the both of you! I loved the way you guys decided to find out the gender together. I loved when your hubby kept saying "We're having a boy!!" was just so very sweet. Congratulations!! You will be an amazing Mother! xo