Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I decided that I better say something about this fabulous food! I LOVE SUSHI!! It is seriously my favorite thing to eat in the entire world! It's better than chocolate, it's better than pasta (which I adore). I cannot think of a single thing that I would rather eat! It has so much flavor! Raw fish is seriously amazing! I am not the biggest fan of cooked fish, I don't normally enjoy that 'fishy' taste, but raw It doesn't taste at all like cooked fish! It's soft and almost literally melts in your mouth. It isn't chewy or scary to's just delicious. Not to mention, sushi is very healthy! I mean... the majority of it is fish and veggies. Sure, there are bits of it that aren't super healthy, white sushi rice, tempera frying, and some of the sauces. But wow... if you haven't tried sushi because you think "Eww...raw fish." Then you are seriously missing out and you really should try it. If you only eat California rolls... then you are seriously missing out! Try something else!!

Oh, and big no-no on buying it from the grocery store if you have never tried it, because that doesn't count and isn't very good!! I adore sushi!! I love tuna and salmon rolls the best! I LOVE different sauces (especially creamy ones) and I even enjoy the spicy rolls. I like eel, but don't really love it. I really like omelet, it adds a fun soft and sweet mix into the rolls. I don't really liked smoked fish so well...I think that to smoke it brings in too much of that 'fishy' taste, but at the same time, it's not terrible. I love tobiko (flying fish eggs). They have a bit more of a fishy taste, but they are just so cool. They look cool and it's fun to feel them pop in your mouth! (I know you're thinking it, and no it isn't gross)

My favorite sushi restaurant is called Kru and it's in downtown Sacramento. If you ever get a chance to go there, you should totally try it. Not only is their sushi absolutely stunning in taste, but also in the way they present it. Also, they have amazing service and I always feel so well taken care of! After Kru, I like Happy Sumo (Downtown Salt Lake) and The Flying Sumo (Park City). They are pretty similar in more than the name and they are both super good!!

Jonathan and I decided before we even got engaged that we wanted to try to make sushi. I was pretty skeptical at first. I didn't want to try raw fish because it is critical that you get the right kind. I was afraid to try a lot of things. Our first attempt at sushi was after we got engaged (I think) at our friends, Erick and Kira, house. And it was a disaster!! The rice had to be made twice because the first time it just sucked...that was the boys job, so it was totally not my fault. The rolls were HUGE because we hadn't practiced rolling before. And all we made was California rolls...and a lot of them!! The kitchen was a mess! Eating it was pretty good. It didn't taste like the restaurants though, but we enjoyed it.

Since then, we have made sushi many times!! For quite a while we didn't improve too much. The rice had a certain flavor, which was good, but not how it should be and because of the rice, it didn't really matter what we put inside of the rolls, they all pretty much tasted the same. Slowly we started to try more and more things. Spicy rolls, raw fish, and a few small toppings (mostly sesame seeds).

However, within the past couple of months, we have really made a jump!! We buy our raw fish from a sushi grade market online. We learned what was wrong with our rice and fixed it. We started to use and make our own sauces, one of which was completely 'invented' by Jon and freaking rocks!! We have started to use tobiko, eel, omlette, and kiaware (a type of sprout). We also are great at making rolls that are small enough to actually eat. Oh! And we started doing tempura fried rolls as well!! Our sushi is AMAZING now!! I LOVE it!!! In fact, I have officially decided that I like our sushi better than most restaurants!! Better than the Sumo restaurants even! (Not better than Kru yet, but they use stuff like lobster in some of their rolls. Talk about expensive!)

Our sushi is officially restaurant quality and I love it! It's so much fun to make! It's been a fun hobby that we have been able to do and enjoy together, and it tastes so good!! Most of our rolls we created from scratch and have even named them. I think there are only 3 or 4 that we got from restaurants! It's so great and it makes me so happy! I'm so glad that Jon was so daring and willing to try to make it so awesome!! I love inviting people over and having them eat our sushi! So let me know if you are interested because I don't know who likes sushi...



  1. I love it too ... but I've never gotten the nerve up to make it myself. :) You're quite the woman! And I love the background you picked. You're cute, my friend! Welcome to the blogging world. :)

  2. Cool Talent! They have schools to learn how to be a sushi chef, I would have never thought it was such an art form.