Monday, March 02, 2009

My Amazing Sisters

I LOVE MY SISTERS!! I have been thinking about them a lot lately because I miss them dearly. They live too far away now and I miss the bonding time we got when we lived in the same house. Ahh, the good times we have had!

Kira is 17 years old and is such a doll! She definitely is very stylish and loves fashion! Clothes, jewelry, shoes...the works. This girl always looks cute and she looks good in EVERYTHING! You could almost hate her for it! She is lots of fun. When we were little it always use to be me and her as 'partners' for whatever we were doing. Amber and Skyler were the other two. It just always turn out that way and we certainly got really close. I remember it was taking a long time for her to read one of the Harry Potter books, and since I wanted her to start the next one, I spent time with her every night reading to her. I loved it! We loved being crazy and annoying together and spent one summer afternoon singing the Barney theme song really loud from out of the living room window! Kira is so sweet. She can be pretty sensitive and that is totally okay! She has such a big heart and only wants people to be happy. She is also little Miss Popular at school!

Amberlee is 15 years old and is super spunky! She goes by Amber most of the time. Amber loves to draw!! She is really pretty good too, I'm always impressed by the work she does. She really enjoys it. She even drew me a picture of Bambi the last time we went to visit them (I LOVE Bambi). She also drew me a picture for my birthday! Amber is so funny! She loves to quote movies and tell jokes, she always makes me laugh so hard! As we got older, Amber and I began to spend a little more time together. When we went to Disneyland, she was my buddy and we would always say "Hey buddy" to each other in a silly voice. It seems that since then we have had a closer relationship than we previously had. We always played pretty rough, once she hit me in the mouth on accident when I had braces, ouch! Amber is very trustworthy, you can always count on her to follow through and to brighten up your day.

I miss both of my sisters SO much! I miss playing around with them and doing silly things. We used to go outside when there was a storm and whenever we heard thunder we would scream at the top of our lungs. We would play barbies and house all the time. Usually when we played house, one of us would be the person and the other two would be dogs. We sure did a lot on our hands and knees as kids. I can't even remember how many trampoline burns I got from trying to be horses with my sisters (much more fun on the trampoline than on solid ground)! We used to watch the Harry Potter movies and take turns acting the parts of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Of course we all wanted to Hermione and none of us wanted to be Harry, but we took turns. I can quote almost the entire first movie now! Haha! Once we were watching the 4th movie (Goblet of Fire) and we were at the part near the beginning when the World Cup is being attacked. The trio is in the dark and then the good guys start shooting at them. Well, my sisters weren't paying attention and I grabbed them both and said "DUCK!" They both screamed and dropped to the floor, totally unaware of what was going on. It was hilarious! It's definitely my favorite story to tell! I'm sure they won't be surprised to read that I told it here too!

Anyway, I love my sisters to pieces. They are my best friends and I wish I could see them more often. It is going to be so hard when I move away and can't visit them every month. It'll be sad that my kids (when they are little at least) won't really know their Aunts very well. I wish they would be able to.

I love you guys so much. You make me so happy and I don't know where I would be without the two of you. You're the best friends in the world a sister could ever ask for! I love you!

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  1. That is so much fun! I cried reading this, because, while me and Bryce don't really get along, I sure do miss him, so I sorta know what you're going through. But, I can't imagine how hard it must be for you. But I glad that you and your sisters get along so well, you are so lucky!

    Oh and I love the new layout of your profile.