Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buffets and Truckers

So, Jon and I went to Buffet City tonight for dinner. It's fairly new so we decided that we would try it. I forgot it was a Chinese buffet so that was a little bummer, but it was okay. Personally, I'm not really a fan of buffets. I'm not saying that there aren't some good ones, but for the most part, I think that if you have to cook food fast and in such large quantities so you can feed people as much as they want to eat doesn't equal good food... This one was about the same as most others. It was fine, but not great. They did have sushi though, so it was better, but still not great.

Anyway, so we were sitting at our both and the table next to us was full of a bunch of Truckers. Apparently they all knew each other and had planned to stop at this buffet to enjoy dinner together. It was really entertaining! They were the classic Truckers; a bit grungy looking, dressed in Nascar attire, talking in southwestern accents... it was great! They started talking about work and all the stops they have to go through. Apparently their connection to dispatch was being dumb and they were all pretty frustrated. "I can't be on the phone for an hour! I gotta drive!", spoken in a fairly heavy southwestern accent. It was really quite funny and made for a nice entertainment with our dinner! It was pretty fun!

On another unrealed note, Jon and I were talking and I randomly brought up last night's epidsode of House. Jon made a fabulous joke, but I have to share the background of the episode in order for you to understand. So, if you haven't seen that episode: **** Spoiler Alert ****
So the basic gist of the episode (or the part that matters for the joke's sake) is that House is planning a bachelor party for Chase. Wilson tells House that he won't go to the party because he always ends up doing something to embarress himself. House pretends he doesn't care and ends up planning the party at Wilson's apartment to force him to come. During the party, Chase is about to leave, mostly drunk, when the team convince him to have one more drink, a body shot on a stripper. He agrees and takes the body shot. Only she is wearing a strawberry body butter (apparently made with real strawberries). Chase is allergic to strawberry, very allergic, and ends up in the hospital.

So, this is what happened while we were talking.
Me: "House tried to kill Chase!!"
Jon: "Yeah! With a strawberry flavored stripper!" *pause to think* "It was House, in Wilson's apartment, with a stawberry flavorted stripper!" (Referring to the game of Clue!)

I laughed so hard! It was great!!

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