Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Cruise To Cabo

Jon and I just got back from our cruise!! We decided to take a cruise because when we first started the summer we thought that we would be going to medical school by the beginning of August, instead we decided to put it off and work for Pinnacle for another summer which means that we didn't really have to go straight to work the day after Jon graduated. So we decided that we would take a cruise in August as a mid summer vacation., for us anyway, everyone else is leaving in a few weeks and we are just halfway through now.

The cruise was great! Neither of us have ever been on one before and didn't really know what to expect. It was awesome to be able to eat whenever we wanted and we didn't have to clean up and there was always amazing food at dinner. Every night we were assigned to sit with the same people at the same table and we had a really good time with them! They were a lot of fun!

Being on the ship made me sick and I was glad I had motion sickness medication for that or else it would have been a terrible vacation. It was cool though to be out on the ocean and not see any land for so long, though we weren't actually too far away from land, just far enough that we couldn't see it.

We went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was really hot and humid!! Why do we always decide to take vacations to hot and humid places in the hottest month of the year? Last year was Florida and it was awful! What were we thinking? Surprising though, Cabo was not as bad as Florida was. I got really nervous with all the Mexicans trying to sell us stuff and I don't speak Spanish, I'm not so comfortable when I can't understand what they want! But while we were in Cabo we got to hold a baby tiger!! We saw it and just couldn't pass up the chance!! Tigers have been our thing since we started dating!! It was so neat but I did feel bad for the poor tiger, she was so hot and tired.

We also got to go snorkeling!! We took a boat over to 2 different places and the boat ride was super fun!! I love speedy boats! We also saw a couple of manta rays while we were on the boat! It was really neat!! Snorkeling was great! The water was not even remotely cold, it was more like bath water! There were so many fish. I never thought it would be like that so close to the shore, it was amazing! Our guide caught a puffer fish and showed it to us. It was funny because apparently when puffer fish puff up they get really slow so it couldn't really get away and we just passed it back and forth between us. It felt so weird, it was prickly but not in a painful kind of way and it had a really ugly face. It was funny.

We also got to swim with Leopard sharks!! I've pet Leopard sharks at the aquarium so I thought it was going to be no big deal, they were pretty little there. And Leopard sharks aren't dangerous. So, we went snorkeling with them. No tanks, no cages, nothing special, just our snorkeling gear. I wasn't nervous at all and then I looked under the water and saw at least 5 of these big sharks!! They were not the little ones I was expecting and I screamed and got really scared but Jon held my hand and eventually it was really cool! There were so many, and again, right off of the shore, it was crazy!!

One the second day we got to go horseback riding on the beach. I am always pretty disappointed when we go horseback riding though. I love horses and I love riding them. But I don't really like sitting on a boring trail horse that I don't have the need to do anything with in the hot sun. It was sad, but it was pretty cool to walk along the beach with them.

So all in all, our vacation was great! We had fun on the ship and on the shore and it was nice and relaxing! Now it's time to get back to work! I get to start looking for a job and Jon gets to continue selling! We have another cruise to look forward to in October as a big incentive for the Pinnacle guys, so it'll be fun to be there with people that we know and love!

Things are going really great for us and I love our life together!!


  1. Read your post about horsback riding in Cabo. If you're ever in Florida, check out BeachHorses.com. I think you'll really enjoy it.

  2. aww that looks like soo much fun! great pics and what a great vacation!!!

  3. Looks like you two had a great time! Love the pic of you two holding the tiger. Mike and I went to Cabo on our Honeymoon and loved it. By the way, I feel bad I didnt get to say goodbye to you! Have a great rest of the summer. I will probably see you at the year end party if you are going. You better be wearing that sexy pencil skirt! Haha!