Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Wedding and A Prank

The day after our anniversary, one of Jon's best friends, Matt, got married!! His wife's name is Kim. She is a sweetheart! I like her a lot! The ceremony was beautiful, it was also cool to be able to go to the temple that we were married in so close to our anniversary! They were so cute and happy! After pictures they had a luncheon. This is where our day changed quite a bit!

So, we (Jon, Josh (who is Jon and Matt's other best friend), and I) were trying to figure out what we wanted to do to Matt's car for the reception. Matt LOVES his car and is super protective of it, we would NEVER do anything to cause harm to it, but we HAD to decorate it! Well, as we were talking one of Matt's other friends chimed in and said that we couldn't do anything to the car because Matt had assigned him to hide it during the reception so no one could do anything to it. No matter what we said or did, he just wouldn't help us out. This is when we decided that this just was not going to fly and we had to do something to Matt's car one way or another.

So, after the luncheon we hopped in the car and drove around the entire parking structures of both the conference center and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in order to find Matt's car so that we could get a head start in knowing where it was. Unfortunately, we were unable to find it and decided to drive over to Matt's new home, which is right across the street from the church where they would have their reception. To our joy and surprise, his car was parked in the driveway. We pulled up, with nothing at all to decorate with, and were about to make plans on what to do next when Matt came out of his house. We were caught! Apparently he had gotten there about 20 seconds before we did. So then Matt sat on his car with his huge gun and guarded his car. It was silly.

So we left to go get things to decorate the car with and sometime around an hour later or so, now it was dark, we went back to Matt's house. Luckily, his car was still there. So, we hurried and turned off the lights and were being very quiet as we got ready to get out of the car and walk up the few yards to his car. However, just as we were about ready the carport light came on and Matt walked outside. We hurried and got in the car and drove away, foiled again. We couldn't understand how he had heard us, but come to find out later, he hadn't heard us, nor saw us drive away at that point, it was just a coincidence that he came out right then! Anyway, assuming he had seen us, we decided that the best option would to be to go back immediately, assuming he wouldn't think we would come back so quickly. So we parked down the street and walked up to his house. (I was still wearing a skirt and heels and ended up taking off my shoes so I could walk faster!) We snuck up to the car very quietly, tied a few cans to the back of the car and wrote a few things on the window before running away!! Success!

However, this wasn't really enough for us, but we wanted to make sure it got done in case we didn't get a chance to do it better. So, immediately after decorating his car we drove across the street where there was a little road that ended in a circle where they are probably going to build something but have nothing there yet. We parked there, where we had a perfect view of Matt's carport as well at the church where the reception would be in about an hour and a half or so. We turned off the lights and waited.... We were there for a good 45 to an hour and even that was fun!! We just watched the house waiting for any sign of movement. We watched Matt come out, discover the car, and cut of the cans. It was so funny! (Don't worry, he thought it was funny too, we didn't ruin his day.)

So finally they left the house and drove to the reception. We followed discretely. We stopped in the parking lot just far enough away that they would not notice us. We watched Matt hand the keys to his friend and then we drove out of the parking lot and parked on the street where we would not be noticed. We watched his friend drive the car away and we followed. We thought for sure we would be caught or something. After all his friend and made a huge point that the hiding spot was good and there was no way we would find it. Well sure enough, the hiding spot was pretty good. Hidden in a dead end road behind another car, hidden from view. But somehow, probably because were not taken seriously, we were not noticed and now knew where the car was!! We were so excited!!

So about halfway through the reception (which was absolutely beautiful! The colors were orange and burgundy, SO PRETTY), we snuck away and decorated the car!! No one had any idea that we had found it, though the subject came up multiple times!! It was amazing! Finally at the end, in order to insure that Matt's friend would not clean up the car first, we decided we had to tell him. Unfortunately, he then told Matt.... it was a little frustrating but in the end the car pulled up to the church completely decorated!! Everyone was surprised we had actually done it after all the secrecy of hiding it! It was wonderful! Matt and Kim thought it was pretty funny! We even gave them the money for a car wash!!

It was SUCH a fun day! To be with such wonderful people and to keep busy like that was so excited and it was great to laugh so much with friends! Thanks for a great day Jon and Josh! And of course to Matt and Kim!! Congrats you two! I hope your marriage is so wonderful, you are so sweet together! We love you!

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  1. It was pretty incredible. There is still confetti all over the impala. LOL. Thanks for the carwash! Love, Kim