Friday, December 04, 2009

Design Dazzle

I really love this website! I follow it like crazy! It has so many cute ideas! I've been really interested in all sorts of design lately, especially nursery design, yes, I'm still really anxious for a baby! It is so fun to read and follow, I also love how it gets ideas from other blogs, I think that's great and then from it I get even MORE ideas! So much fun!!

Granted, the main reason I am blogging about this it totally selfish, I'm trying to enter a contest, but I am still being totally honest about and it only makes me get to share such a good blog with the wonderful people who read my blog! I love you all!

Please check it out! It really is fabulous!! And it is updated with new posts really often! LOVE IT!


  1. Wow, those nursery designs are intense, huh? Cute, though. How's med school? Are you guys coming home first before you take off to Italy?

  2. Also, this is actually Shelli ... I forgot I was logged in as Eldon. :)