Saturday, April 03, 2010

Life...and Food

Things are going fairly well out here in Nashville but it's been a little tough. Jon got sick the week we got out here and then when he got better he didn't have a technician for a few days so he couldn't go out to sell. Then, a few days ago, he pulled his neck and we had to go to the chiropractor and he told us that Jon had got Torticollis. He went in for an adjustment yesterday and is doing a little better today. He has another appointment on Monday for an adjustment so hopefully it will be all healed fairly soon.

So selling has been hard for us so far but when he does get the chance to go out and sell he has been doing well. Once we get past the first few weeks and gets rid of the rust then things should start to pick up too so we are excited about that.

Work is going well for me. I haven't had an assignment in a few days, which is weird and is making me a little nervous but it has also left me free to be able to take care of Jon so maybe God is just looking out for me. I sure hope that's what it is!

Kevin and Rochele are going to get out here on Monday and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! We won't be alone anymore and the summer will really get to start! I can't wait! We also have a few guys who will be coming out a few days later and in the middle of April most everyone will be here! We just have the last few people who will be coming at the beginning of May and I can't wait for everyone to be here! We're gonna party!! Woo!! I'm so excited!!

I made Balsamic Chicken with Rice and Black Bean Pilaf a few nights ago. Once again I didn't take pictures. Sometimes a girl has just got to eat! Haha! Both were very good. I like the Orange-Balsamic Chicken that I made last week better, but it was still really good. I really liked the Rice Pilaf but it really didn't go together. Haha. It would go great with the Enchiladas I made a few days ago though, it really was more of a Mexican side dish! Really yummy!

I found these recipes on I rate both recipes 4 stars!!

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