Friday, April 30, 2010

Mammoth Caves With Ranger Rick

Yesterday Jon took the day off of work to spend it with his family. We decided that if he got 3 sales the day before that he could take the day off, and well, he got 3 sales! It was pretty darn

So we drove 2 hours to get up to Mammoth Caves. It kind of sucked. In order to sit by Jon I had to sit in the middle the whole way with both my seat belt and the one next to me digging into my bottom and my feet on the hump for 2 whole hours! It was a long ride and I wasn't in the best mood but I tried to make the best of it. We went on two tours. The first one was the longer one. It was a pretty neat cave, I liked all the turns and cave pretties. It's a really old cave and had a lot of history which was fairly interesting to listen to. Mammoth Caves is the longest cave in the United States. If you put the next 5 longest inside of it they still wouldn't be as long. Of course we didn't see all of it!! That would have taken forever!! There are quite a few different tours you can take to different parts of the cave.

After that we ate lunch at the diner there. It was surprisingly great food!! We all just loved it! Yummy! Then we went on another tour. I didn't really want to do another tour but I've kind of learned that I just need to tag along, so I went. It turned out that I was really glad I did! Our guide's name was Ranger Rick and he was this fairly old guy with a long beard and he was SO FUNNY!! We laughed so much!! He made all sort of jokes. This part of the cave was a lot different than any cave I had ever been in. It was pretty much all dry and didn't have stalactites or stalagmites and it was ENORMOUS!!! There wasn't a tight squeeze anywhere, it was just huge! It was really amazing to see and hear about all the history about it. I don't really like history stories but Ranger Rick sure made it interesting and funny! We liked him a lot! We also got to see some bats and cave crickets! Way cool!!

It was a lot of fun, but the 2 hour ride back was not so much. Haha.

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  1. I am glad that u had so fun with ur in-laws & to see the fun picture of ur tours u went on. Have gr8 weekend & ejoy it. Love ur friends from Salt lake, Utah

    Spencer & Marissa Nichols