Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Life Is Full Of Glee

Once again, I failed to post on Friday... But this time I have an excuse! Jon's parents came to visit last Thursday and I spent all day Friday with them, so I didn't actually have time! I'll make sure I post my hubby this Friday and I'll make it a really good one! :)

We have been having a pretty good time with the Peterson's here. Jon really loves having them here. His little sister can be a little much, but we love her too. We haven't done too much. Both of his parents came to Tennessee on their missions so they have been spending most of the time driving around to see the places they remember and Jon is gone working during that time, so it's been working pretty well. We mostly just hang out and play games in the evening. This morning we sat down to discuss our finances with his parents (my favorite thing to talk about...NOT) but it actually turned out to be okay. We have been making progress to pay off our debt and it feels good to be on the right track. His parents also asked us if they could take Jon's student loan away from us. We were both super grateful! It was a crazy generous thing to do and I am constantly amazed by how much they for us! That's one of our biggest debts and they just wanted to be the ones to pay for it. Of course we said yes, haha! They are amazing people and I love them so much!!

I have been looking for a second job because the one I currently have has not been sending me assignments. I probably haven't had an assignment in about 3 and 1/2 weeks now. It really sucks! I hate looking for another job when I already have one! It's even worse than looking when I don't have one!! But we need the money so I'm trying to do something to help out. I kind of have the feeling that when we get to Michigan I might have to go and find a job outside of the home for a while, but we'll see how it all goes.

I'm really excited but worried too about getting to Michigan. We've always had Pinnacle since we've been married. We've always had plenty of money to get by plus a little extra and when we get to Michigan not only will be making less but Jon won't be working at all and all of it will be put on me and any loans we might be able to get for school. It's a scary thought but I know it all work out in the end. I just hope it doesn't shock us too much...

I have started watching Glee since we got here! I went online and was able to watch all of the first episodes that I missed and we have it set to record every week! I wasn't sure I would like it, which is why it took me so long to start watching it in the first place but I definitely love it now!! Jon really likes it too, which is awesome!!! I love how all of the characters are so different from each other and they all have weird quirks and problems. They aren't the perfect characters we see on so many shows. I love all of them for different reasons, even the bad characters. Haha! I think my top favorites are Emma, Kurt, Sue, and Brittany. They are all such funny and interesting characters! Of course I like all the main characters too, it's really hard to pick a favorite!! They are all great! I love the music they sing, it's fun to watch. I adored the Single Ladies episode!!! That was the best!! HAHA! I love Kurt!! Anyway, it's official, I LOVE GLEE!!

I have been terrible at taking pictures since we got here. I love my camera but I sure miss our little digital camera. It's so much easier to take places. Oh well! I'll try to be better at it so my posts aren't so boring!

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