Friday, April 16, 2010


So I haven't done this for a few weeks and I feel terrible!!! My husband still rocks!! Haha! I love him so much!!

This week my husband rocks because he's open and honest. If he wants me do something or doesn't want me to do something he lets me know. He lets me know exactly how my cooking is, even when it's not good. I always feel bad it wasn't perfect but I'm glad to know what I did wrong so that I can learn from it and fix it. He is always working to make our relationship the best it can be and he comes to be when he is feeling down. Ever since we first starting dating it was a really big deal to him that we be completely honest with each other, and while sometimes it can be hard because we don't want to hurt each other's feelings, it has helped us to be able to improve our love and bring us so much closer together.

He is just the greatest husband in the whole world, sorry to all those other husbands... haha. Just kidding! ;) I love my darling husband!!

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  1. hey Jon & Sha, How r u guys doing? I hope & pray that u guys all healthy & enjoying ur new state for the summer. I am glad that we can stay in contact with each other blogs, our blog address is & ur email address is Take care have super weekend & this next to be gr8 for the both of u. Love ur friends from salt lake City, Spencer & Marissa Nichols