Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dallas Cowboys

So first of all, wow, I can't believe I keep forgetting about My Husband Rocks Friday! I'll try to work on that! haha!

Things in Dallas have been interesting. This summer has been a lot different from the other summers. There have been a lot more issues and it hasn't really been as fun as the other summers. But it's okay. I'm just glad this is our last summer! I'm still having fun with Jess, so we're definitely having a good time! However, there have been a lot of rumors running around since we left Nashville and it's been pretty frustrating. Oh well, it's life. People can think what they want.

Last week we went to go and see the new Dallas Cowboys stadium! We were just going to look at it around the outside but we ended up checking it out on the inside too. With some of Pat's super talent at getting what he wants we ended up getting to see a lot of stuff! We went down to the field and saw the Cowboys practicing! We found out that it also happened to be the only day of the year that they let people inside while they were practicing! Talk about luck!!

Once they left the field we got to go onto it and then we went and saw the locker room and the cheerleaders locker room too! It was really cool! I'm not super interested in the cowboys but it was a pretty amazing place. The Superbowl is going to be there this year so it's pretty cool that we got to be on the actual field! It was amazing!! We had so much fun! What would we do without Patrick!!? He is pretty awesome!

I am super excited for Amber to get here next week!! It's going to be pretty fun! I think that Jess's sister is trying to come out around the same time that my sister is leaving. So that should be fun too! I am planning on taking a lot of pictures, finally, while she is here! It's going to be pretty awesome!!

Really though we are just excited to get to Michigan! We are done with summer sales and we are so ready to move on and do something that we really want to do! I also found a new job and should be starting sometime within the next week or so! It sounds a lot better than my previous job so I'm excited! Other things going on, well I know TONS of people who are engaged, just got married, just got pregnant, or just had babies!! My sister (at heart) Taleya just got engaged to a great guy and I'm so happy for them!! I could go on and on about everyone but I'll just say a special congrats to Rochele who found out she is having a boy; Leslie, who just announced she was pregnant; Whitney, who is getting really close to full term after having previous pregnancy problems; and Carrie who just had a baby boy!! You are all wonderful ladies and I'm so glad to call you friends!!

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