Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feeling Bubbly In Ann Arbor

We finally got our Internet installed this morning so I can tell you all about our trip!! We left Dallas on Sunday morning and got to Nashville that evening. We stayed with the Fillmore's and had such a great time with them! They are so awesome!! On Monday morning we packed up the truck and then on Tuesday morning we made our way to Ann Arbor!!

Driving up here was such an amazing feeling! The drive was beautiful and we definitely enjoyed it! We had been waiting for it for such a long time and it was so exciting!!

The best part was after we had passed over the Michigan border and we were about to pass the Ann Arbor city limits. We were listening to the radio, a typical station that seems to play the same 10 songs that are most popular right now and right as we were getting ready to pass into Ann Arbor the song 'Bubbly' from Colbie Caillat came on the radio. Our wedding song, the one that is on our video, the one we danced to on our wedding day and one we haven't heard on the radio very often lately. I definitely almost cried. It was so amazing, like a sign that we were supposed to be there and everything was going to be perfect!!

So far it has been! Ann Arbor is amazing!! I already want to stay here forever! It is such a cute little town, a small town feel with big town excitement. There is so much to do here! There are tons of little privately owned shops and a bunch of super old vintage places. Like a classic bus station and a cute little hamburger restaurant. There as so many cute and colorful houses, I just want to have them all! I am planning to go and take pictures of all of these things, we just haven't had the time yet.

That night we had dinner at a random sushi restaurant that we drove by. It ended up being amazingly good and pretty inexpensive! We ordered 4 rolls and they gave us miso soup and salad to start off with! Awesome!! They also had pickled cucumber instead of pickled ginger! So delightful! Then the owner came out and chatted with us a little bit and then gave us a free roll!! It was so yummy! We really loved it!!

We spent all day Wednesday looking for a place to live. We looked at probably at least 12 different places and ended up deciding to go with the first place we looked at. It was the biggest size as well as the cheapest price. We moved all our stuff in on Thursday and things are going swimmingly! It's in a mobile home park about 15 minutes outside of the center of downtown Ann Arbor. It's pretty new and in good shape and we absolutely love it! We will be renting for a year and then have the option to buy if we want to. There is so much space! We can actually fit all of our stuff!!

The cats love it too, they have been chasing each other around for days!! They keep running across the linoleum in the kitchen and slipping on it! I really need to try to catch it on video!! It's pretty funny! Jon also caught a frog on our back door our first night at our place!! Awesome!!

Jon had a fun activity with the rest of the M1 students on Friday (M1 for a 1st year med student, M2 for second year, etc). They went canoeing down the river and had a really good time! I started up work again today! Tomorrow is Jon's white coat ceremony and we are so excited!! I'll record it and post it for the world to see! On Monday he has orientation and gets started on school!! It's crazy! I can't believe it's finally here!! We are so excited and happier than ever!! We are ready to move into more of a 'save money because we won't have much to spend' phase and it's going to be great!!

We love our lives!!

P.S. Congrats to Whitney and Kelli who have just had their precious little babies! Welcome to the world Issac and Ella!!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! Congrats to you two on this new phase in your life! :)

  2. good for you:) glad you guys are doing so great! Can't wait to see your pictures:)