Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Amazing Weekend

So my weekend is actually Sunday and Monday since I work Tuesday through Saturday.

On Sunday Jon had his white coat ceremony!!! It was such a surreal feeling to see him starting this amazing journey!! He sure looked handsome in his new coat with his new stethoscope! (I'll post pictures and videos soon.) After the ceremony we had drinks and cute cookies shaped like white coats! Then we went with Jon's Aunt Cindy and Uncle Mark up to their parent's house and we had dinner and talked and then went on a boat ride out on the lake right behind their house! It was a ton of fun!! I was actually really proud of myself. I usually get nervous and quiet and, frankly, unhappy when we have to go and do stuff with people I don't know but since we got here I feel like this whole part of my personality has changed and I had such a great time with them!!

Yesterday was great! Jon had his first day of orientation (his classes officially start on Thursday) and while he was gone I finished unpacking the rest of the house, which was quite a task. I was very proud of myself!! I was in a great mood and went to pick up Jon from school. We drove past a VW car dealership and Jon enjoyed punching me while all I could do was laugh while I drove. Then we went to a BBQ with the rest of the M1s in Jon's class. There are 170 entering medical students this year. I can't even tell you how nervous and intimated I was. Me, having never been to a day of college, meeting with a bunch of really smart future doctors, many of which have already been to schools like Harvard, Yale, Cornell, John's Hopkins, Standford, and many other prestigious schools!! So I was definitely a bit scared but it turned out to be really cool. They were all very nice and it was awesome to have people know what it means when I tell them that I am a medical transcriptionist! They were really cool and I am so happy that Jon gets to spend so much time with such fun people!

After that we came home and we made dinner! The line was too long at the BBQ so we didn't eat much. Dinner was awesome! Pesto Calabrese (yes, again, YUM), broccoli, and rosemary chicken!! It was very tasty!! While we were eating a lady came by to deliver my new desk!! I really love it!! We got it and a chair for $40!! It is from Ikea and even has a white board (pictures to come soon). I love it!!

As they were leaving Jon showed me the fireflies in our front yard!! I have never seen a firefly before and it was SO cool!! Definitely my new favorite bug!!! It was awesome!!! I was so happy!! Later that night we found another frog on our house and hurried out to catch it! We now have 2! We are going to the pet store later to get some bugs to feed them with. Jon wants to keep them! Haha! We hope to catch more!

Yeah, it was definitely the best weekend EVER!!

p.s. Happy Birthday Month to me!!

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  1. What was your old favorite bug?
    P.s. I'm sooo happy for you guys! I can definitely tell you are enjoying your lives which makes me smile!