Friday, August 06, 2010


My Husband Rocks Friday (MHRF)!!

This week my husband rocks because he is more than willing to help out around the house!

My work schedule is really weird. I work Tuesday-Saturday from 2-10. I get a half hour break during the day, which I use to pick Jon up from school. He has been super helpful and has been helping me, or completely taking over things like making dinner. He has also been doing other things around the house as well. I help as much as I can and I worry a little about what's going to happen when he really gets into the thick of things for school and has to spend a lot of time studying. But it's so nice to know that we are there to help each other out!

I am hoping to be able get my schedule changed soon, we'll see how that goes. I feel bad for making him do all these things that I usually do, but he keeps telling me that he feels bad because I'm the one making all the money. So we decided to call it a truce and neither of us will feel bad. I am so grateful for all he does! He is such an amazing companion!!

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