Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad Dreams

Do you ever have recurring dreams?

My most often recurring dream isn't actually exactly the same dream all the time.  It always happens when I am napping (versus sleeping at night) and it is usually when I know I have to wake up at a certain time.

In the dream I am asleep in my current napping place and I can't wake up.  Usually I struggle as hard as I can in the dream to wake up and end up being able to wake up a little and try to move around but my eyes are closed or mostly closed and I can't see and I can barely walk and I can't wake up entirely no matter how hard I try.

Today I had this dream only I realized I was dreaming and struggled to wake up and when I thought I did I found the same problem I couldn't really wake up and realized again it was a dream and tried to wake up.  Then I thought I did wake up again but still couldn't wake up.  Finally I really woke up and now I feel all bothered and weird.  All of this tends to happen within a very short amount of time.  I always wake up to find the time to have barely changed though it felt like ages.

I wonder sometimes if it really was just a dream or if I am internally struggling to wake up and I really can't.  I think it might be the latter because I always feel so unrested by the time I wake up.  My mind races with worry that one day I really won't be able to wake up.

Have you ever had dreams like that?

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  1. Eww....I don't like your dreams sweety:( If i were you I'd stop napping! good gravey, yeah, thats no fun.