Monday, October 25, 2010


The past week or so I have been feeling pretty down.  Husband is gone a lot at school and I work a lot.

Mostly though I have missing people.  Specific people as well as just people in general.  I usually don't see anyone other than my husband until Sunday at church.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the time that I do get to spend with my husband but I miss being able to see other people.

Being on facebook makes things easier as well as more difficult.  Easier because I get to keep in touch with everyone, and harder because I am jealous of all the things they do without me.

I miss my family! Recently they have gone to witches night out, to see Devil, to Desert Star, and to a Quidditch match and while I am so glad they are having such a great time together it does leave a little ache in my heart that I cannot be there to share it with them.

I miss Rochele SO MUCH!! I think about her everyday and how much fun we used to have and all the things we used to do together, no matter how small those things were.  And since she had her son it breaks my heart to hear of all the people that have been able to see him and I haven't and every day I wonder what she is doing and how it must feel for her to have Connor there finally.  I am so thrilled for her!

I miss Erick and Kira, who we haven't seen in ages!! I miss how much fun we would have when we got together!

I miss all my lovely Utah friends who are just living there lives and playing with each other.

I miss all my summer friends who are out there being awesome and beautiful!

I just miss having people around.  That's all. Love you all!! :)

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