Wednesday, November 03, 2010

New Header...Again

So I changed my header picture again! Are you surprised?! I'm not! As much as I always think I'll keep the one I have I tend to get bored with it and change it up.

As much I as I think this one might stay for good, I won't really count on it; however, I did make this one with the intention of changing it often so that might be just what I needed!!

So the plan is to change out the pictures with the most recently ones. We do a lot of 'self pictures' and I am planning to only use self pictures when I change them.  Other pictures of us can go in the sidebars!

I will also be changing the background.  Since it's finally getting cold and it's NOVEMBER!! YAY!! I decided to do snowflakes for now.  When December comes I can change it something Christmas-y like ornaments or something.  It'll be fun! I'm excited!! :)

Also, speaking of Christmas, some people make me sad!! I don't know why every year we have to get all the ornery people complaining about people singing Christmas music or hearing it on the radio or in the stores or whatever.  I guess maybe I can understand if you don't celebrate Christmas, but otherwise the excuse 'I get sick of hearing it' is just ludicrous to me!!  Christmastime is the best time of the year and I vote that we take advantage of it as much as we can!! :) I mean, what other time of the year do you find people just happy and enjoying their loved ones, why can't we just wrap ourselves up in and enjoy all of it!? :) :) :) Personally, I never get tired of Christmas music, but if you do then don't listen to it! There are plenty of other radio stations to listen to.

So don't be a hater, enjoy the Holidays! That's what they are for!

That's all for my little rant, haha! :) p.s. Since obviously it's hard to express emotion on the internet, I wanted to point out that my silly 'rant' was not said in an 'angry/irritated' tone, but a 'happy/you people are so silly' tone! :)


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  1. Just wanted to say an amen to your christmas rant :) I LOVE that time of year. To me it feels like all is right in the world so for people to be so negative about it just nonsense lol.