Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Connor Judd Fillmore

Here is an even better video!!

My best friend Rochele had her baby on October 18th!  He weighed 8lbs, 3 oz and was 21 inches long!

I am heartbroken that I don't know when I'll finally get to see him in person but we are hoping to get on Skype soon so we can at least see him!

Her husband Kevin, just posted this on Facebook and YouTube and I think it is the most precious video I have ever seen! I definitely cried during the whole thing!  Thanks so much Kevin! (Hope you don't mind me sharing your awesome work!)  *** And don't worry, nothing scary in the video! :)

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  1. OH MY HECK! Gosh, way to make someone baby hungry! Aww:) Gosh I'm SO doing this with my next one:) how sweet:) I won't lie, you said it was a video of the birth and I was afraid of what I might see! lol but that was so sweet:) And all that blond hair! maeby's was so dark! gosh! Silly shalay making people baby hungry;)
    Congrats Rochele and Kevin:) he's beautiful:)