Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Long Lovely Walk

Jon and I decided that we really missed walking.  We walked EVERYWHERE when we were in Italy and now we never do.  So we decided that on Monday's, since he usually doesn't have required classes and it's my day off, we would take a walk up to the grocery store and back.

Yesterday was our first time and it was awesome!! It took us a little over an hour in walking time, an hour and a half including time spent in the store.  By the time we got back we were sore and it was awesome! Yay for doing something active, in the snow even!! It was awesome!! I had to by a headband when were there because my ears froze on the way. I hate that, it hurts so bad!  It was really fun and I can't wait to do it again!

Jon is sick right now and I feel so bad for him.  He really really hates being sick and I really hope he feels better soon!  I watched the video he had to watch on his anatomy lab today and it looked so gross!! All the insides were this nasty tanish gray color! Eww!!

Anyway! Here are my pictures from the last few days!


Flowers I bought for Jon for one of his 12 days of Christmas gifts.

Macro pic of my kitties feet.  She always sits on the router because it's warm.  What a dorkus!


I was laughing because it took us a few tries to get the picture right, this is us at Meijer on our walk!!

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