Wednesday, February 23, 2011

|{ A Quick Trip To Cincinnati }|

Jon's spring break started this last weekend so we took advantage of it to take a little trip.  We drove somewhere that was close enough to not waste ALL of our time driving and ended up in Cincinnati, Ohio, which took about 4 hours! We stayed at a 4 star hotel for $40!! Woot, yay for Priceline!

The drive down was really fun.  We usually listen to a book on CD when we drive long distances and we did have one but we just ended up talking the entire time! It was wonderful!! Towards the end of the trip we turned on some Gaga, which is always wonderful!! For dinner we stopped at Chipotle (not as good at Qdoba but hecka better than fast food) and then finished our drive.

The next morning we made sure to get up at a decent time (we sure do love sleeping in), ate a little Cookie Crisp for breakfast, and hit the town.  We wandered through downtown for a bit and then walked across the Purple People Bridge over to Kentucky.  We went to a little mall like place and it was not as exciting as we had heard that it was supposed to be, but that was okay, we still had fun.  We played in the arcade and got some candy with what we won and had a blast.  Except that I broke my favorite Fossil bracelet which definitely broke my heart.  Then for lunch we ate a yummy burger joint which was definitely tasty! They had this appetizer that was slices of jalapeño that were deep fried.  YUMMY! I decided I definitely want to make them, maybe even better than they did! Haha!

After lunch it started raining and we didn't really want to walk back the almost 2 miles to our hotel again, so we got a cab, which I always HATE! So nasty! Even after the few minutes we were in the car I felt all gross after inhaling nasty smoke smell and it took about an hour or so to feel ship shape again, but I would take that than having to walk in the rain so it wasn't so bad! So we got to the hotel and took a little break then walked across the street (literally) to where they were having an auto show!  It was SO fun!! Not only did we get to look at nice expensive cars, which is always fun, but we actually spent most of the time looking at SUVs that would fit a family a six for our future car! I am VERY anti van, so I refused to look at any, except Jon did convince me to look at the Toyota Sienna, you know, the one with the awesome commercials that make it look amazing! It actually was pretty good looking and didn't have quite as much of the 'van' look, but still, it was still a van.  If I HAD to get it I could live with it, but I prefer SUVs.  We eventually decided we liked the Acura MDX the best! :)


After that auto show we went back to the hotel and just relaxed.  We sat by the window (on the 21st floor) and just looked out at the city.  After a while we started to notice that someone was playing with a laser and shining onto buildings and into peoples rooms.  It was awesome and entertained us for quite a while!! Then we went to The Green Papaya for dinner, which was a pretty decent sushi restaurant.  We definitely enjoyed it.   That night we went to the hot tub (which was probably the thing we were looking forward to the most) and it ended up being disappointing.  It was filthy.  Oh well, maybe next time.

The next day we got up and drove to Jungle Jims, which is the LARGEST grocery store in the country and (being the foodies that we are) it was amazing!! They had some pretty fantastic things including enormous amounts of cheese, tons of salamis and cured meats, a HUGE variety of food from all sorts of countries, and the biggest produce section I have ever seen.  It was so big that they even offered tours! They have tons of fun displays everywhere, it was like an amusement park! They even had a big hot sauce section that had a full sized fire truck sitting on top of it! And we found the perfect hot sauces for the two of us!! :)

MMM... cheese...

Porta-pottys??? In a store!?!!

Haha, of course not silly!


For $140!!!!!! 

After we were done we drove home and hit a huge snow storm.  It was rough but we made it back safe and all in all had a pretty fantastic little trip!! It was a blast!

He put the whole licorice bag in his shirt to warm them up.

Oh!! And look at this CRAZY house we saw!!

What Jon has been drinking for the past 3 days.  He is definitely staying hydrated!

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