Thursday, February 03, 2011

|{ Work Stress and Day 3 }|

Every 2 weeks at work I get a call about how I am doing with my quality as well as my productivity.  While my productivity is getting better my quality is dropping a ton!! I am making more mistakes than ever and I really dread those calls! Every other week I fear I hear those awful words.. "This isn't working're fired."  I've never been fired so that would really suck, not to mention I really need this job.  I am stressed and worried about it all the time and it's driving me crazy.  So for the next 2 weeks I will be slowing down my productivity to make sure my quality goes up, which is the most important thing.

I'll get it eventually.... I hope.

DAY 3:

Probably my least favorite question of all of them but I don't want to start off bad my skipping it.

I've had some great first dates and some really not so awesome ones!

My idea of the perfect date isn't what you do but how much you enjoy the other person.  The best first dates are the ones where you can talk and talk and talk and both of you never get tired of it and you just feel really comfortable together.  That's how Jon was, we just clicked immediately! That's the best!  It doesn't matter what you go and do as long as you have fun and enjoy the person you are with! :)

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  1. We all go through moments of lower quality work, but employers understand that. It's probably a good idea to slow down a bit- that's what I have to do. Good luck- Love you!