Friday, February 18, 2011

|{ Worst Week Ever }|

I apologize for my absence the past few days.  Right after I got sick I started having this terrible pain in my mouth and ended up going to the dentist as soon as I possibly could, which just happened to be Valentines Day where they told me the only way to stop the pain was to pull my wisdom teeth (the ones my previous dentist had told me would NEVER come in!) So I got both my top wisdom teeth pulled (no bottoms ones to be seen yet) and I have spent the past few days recovering.  I stopped taking my Vicodin when it made me super sick to my stomach and forced me not to eat or drink anything for the fear of just throwing it up again.  So I have been on Tylenol and ibuprofen for the past few days, which is fine.  I also think I might be slightly allergic to my antibiotic since I started getting a rash all over my neck yesterday.

Yesterday I felt good enough to get back to work but just before I was about to start working Jon was suddenly in A LOT of pain! I have never seen him in so much pain.  We didn't know what was wrong and he suffered for a good 2 hours or so until we finally decided we should go the emergency room.  We got there and he still had so suffer for what felt like ages before they finally gave him the right kind of medicine to make the pain stop, morphine had done nothing for him.  Turns out he has a kidney stone which is right on the verge between too big to pass it and too small to take it out.  So they decided he should try to pass it.  I was so worried about him but was pretty impressed with myself at how well I handled such a stressful situation.

So I missed another day of work for the week and took care of my sick hubby. So far the pain is not bothering him too much and he has been drinking tons of liquids! Hopefully he passes it soon, I feel so bad for him!

Hopefully by tomorrow night we will both be feeling fit as a fiddle so we can go on our Spring Break trip!! We are going to drive to Cincinnati and stay in a hotel for the weekend.  We got a super good deal on it and the only thing we were really looking for was a hot tub!! We have been spoiled living in apartment complexes during the summer and always having a hot tub available (except in Nashville) so now we are REALLY missing hot tubs!! So hopefully we'll be able to enjoy our break! :)  We really need it after a week like ours! Our house is a disaster area! I don't think it has ever been this messy before! It's nuts!

Here is a little catch up on my pictures.  Yes I cheated a little by using pics from the same day, but I would rather cheat than fail. We went to the a fraternity/sorority party last weekend, the theme was black and white and it was pretty formal.  It was super fun!




Us with our friends Travis and Larisa!

All numbed up to get my wisdom teeth out on Valentines Day.

The reason I need a external flash for my camera.  My lens is too big for my pop of flash and causes shadows.. Grr!

My poor honey still studying after going to the Emergency Room for his kidney stone. 


Totally an accidental picture, haha.  Pretty freaky looking! 

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