Wednesday, March 16, 2011

|{ Frustrating Technology }|

I finished editing the pictures for the wedding as well as the bridals!! It took me about a week to finish that and then my computer decided it hated me so it took me a couple of days to get everything onto CDs, in the end I actually had to use my husband's computer to do the copying, Grr.  Oh well! I got it done and the CD design and CD case design is done and they are in the mail on the way to their rightful owners! :)

So only a few more days until I get to share them! Yay!!

I also decided that I am just going to count my photo a day challenge numbers 59-72 in with the photos I'll share of what I did for the wedding! I don't want to get further behind.

Day #73
I found this funny drink is a gas station while I was in Utah and I thought it was too hysterical not to buy!


The front and back of the finished CD cases!


The finished CD design!

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