Thursday, March 10, 2011

|{ Lots Of Photo Shoots }|

Phew, I am so glad to be home.  There was nothing relaxing about my trip to Utah, though I did have a great time.  I got there on Wednesday night (after a scary flight) and went straight to bed since it was after midnight by the time we got home.  On Thursday I had to be up by 7 so I could start work (still had to work on my 'vacation'), but after work I got to go and visit with Madame Baigue, my French teacher from high school.  It always makes me so happy to see her, she is so wonderful!

On Friday things started to get serious.  I still had to work, and after that I went immediately to go take bridal photos/couple photos of my brother and his fiancée.  We went to the International Peace Gardens.  Then we went to the reception/ceremony center to start setting things up and then we went to Saltair to finish doing bridals/couple pictures and after that went straight back to the reception center to start decorating; at which time my sister and I realized that the only decorations they had were red and white streamers and that just wasn't going to fly with us.  She we went to Michaels and Lowes for supplies and went home.  I made dinner and then we put together our decorations.

Saturday, the big day, was obviously VERY busy!! We were out the door by 8 a.m. and over at the reception/ceremony center.  My sister and I finished decorating, which was interrupted a few times since I had to take pictures of the bride getting ready as well, and in the end it looked much better! From there, things went exactly as you would expect a wedding to go.  I was extremely nervous about taking pictures for the wedding, especially the ceremony, but I did what I had to do, bossed a few people around and after a few bumps along the way I think in the end I did a pretty decent job.

On Sunday I ended up being pretty busy as well.  In the afternoon I did a family photo shoot for my cousin and her the rain... but I think those turned out pretty cute.  I then went to do a couple shoot for my parents.  I went to bed early that night because I had to leave by 5 a.m. in order to catch my flight.

And do you want to know the best part? I never got tired of taking pictures! Sure, I got nervous and stressed out but in the end I was still having fun with my camera in my hands.  I even took pictures of Jon's volleyball game the night I got home.

So I have spent the last few days trying to work as well as go through all the thousands of pictures I took and editing the best ones.  I am almost done with wedding photos.  I still have to do the bridals/family/and couple photo shoots though.  I will post a teaser soon of what I have done and once I at least get the CDs in the mail I will do a full post with the pictures.

I also need to catch up with my daily photos, I have 12 as of today that I need to do.  Good thing I've been taking lots of pictures lately huh?

And since I hate doing a blog with zero pictures here is just one for you to look at.

The bride wears this necklace constantly since my brother gave it to her years ago.  She was sad to not be wearing it and ended up borrowing my pearls for her big day.  (I am also going to count this as Day #58 in my photo a day challenge)


  1. you've really come a long way in your photo taking talents, keep it up, I'm really impressed and proud of you Tiger!

  2. Shalay, I just found you blog! I'm excited to keep up with ya. I didn't know you did photography. That picture is really good. I am an amateur photographer (I love learning new stuff). We should get together and do some photography.