Thursday, June 09, 2011

|{ Best Birthday }|

I felt really bad because I hardly took any pictures of Jon's birthday this year!! How could I just forget!? I feel terrible.

On a more happy note though, Jon said that his birthday this year was the best he has had since we got married, so at least I am getting better in the gift giving and holiday celebrating departments! :)

Jon was gone most of the day at his final practice for Biorhythms, which is a production that the medical school puts on every year, usually mostly with the first years, and they perform dances and singing and you can sign up for as many performances as you want.  Jon signed up for 2.  He did a rap and a dance, kinda bollywoodish, I forget what it's called. Anyway, so he was gone all day for that.

He did come home in the middle of the day for a break and he opened his presents then.  He got a robe which he asked for, Super Mario Bros for the Wii which he is playing as I type this, and a magazine all about him with letters and stories from a bunch of his friends and family!  He loved everything!

So that evening he had his performance, he did so awesome! Especially in his rap, who would have thought that my husband could rap? It was great! They rewrote the words to California Dreamin' and Slim Shady with a bunch of inside jokes about medical school.  Obviously I didn't get most of them but everyone who did thought it was hilarious! :) Pardon the bad pictures.

Jon and his partner Ashley

Afterwards the two of us went to get ice cream for his birthday and then we went to meet everyone at a bar to party but his shin splits were hurting really bad so we left early and went to get free birthday tiramisu and a pizza across the street.

The next day we had a bunch of people over for a BBQ.  A few people even brought him presents which was so sweet! We had delicious hamburgers and then carrot cake! He had a great time.  Again, I didn't take pictures of any of this. Geez! I'm glad he had a good time though!

This is his rap performance.  His group was called Phlomax.  He is the first person in this video and later is the one who jumps over the guy.

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