Saturday, July 23, 2011

|{ Road Tripping }|

My amazing husband and I really love to go on road trips.  A few weeks ago we went to a wedding in the Chicago area for some friends we have here in Ann Arbor.  On the way there we decided that instead of taking the straight route on the freeway we would take the side streets so that it would take longer.  It was a lovely little drive.  We stopped at a little diner that we found on 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives' for lunch and it was awesome!! The food was great and it was so cute.

We got to the hotel and got a little gift bag from the soon to be married couple that had all sorts of goodies, it was so sweet! :)  Then we met up with some other friends to go find something to eat for dinner.  To our delight we drove by a Chevy's!!!! We have been craving it for such a long time and haven't had it since we lived in California!! We definitely went there and loved every second of it!! Then we went to the mall and wandered around for a while.  Back at the hotel we met up with Travis and Larisa (the bride and groom to be) and helped them load up some gifts, then met some of their family and friends before heading back to our room to relax and then hit the sack.

The next morning we got up and went to Ikea, which was literally across the street from the hotel and wandered around.  It was cool because they had a few rooms that were set up that were 2 story tall rooms with big windows and it was awesome to see how they decorated those.  We grabbed a few things and then decided to go and see a movie.  We saw The Green Lantern, it was pretty good, definitely entertaining.  We then we back to the hotel to get dressed and then headed over to the church for the ceremony.

It was a lovely ceremony, they both looked amazing and it was really wonderful to see the two of them finally get to be together as husband and wife! After the ceremony we blew bubbles as they left the church.  It was cute! Then we headed over to the reception and that was great!! The dinner was really yummy and then there was dancing! Jon and I really loosened up and we had A BLAST!!! Definitely the funnest time we have had dancing since we've been married and it was so much fun!!  Jon even requested 'Bubbly' and we got to dance to our wedding song, he is such a sweetheart! Travis and Larisa definitely seemed to be enjoying their time too!! It was a great day!

The next morning we decided to take the LONG way home! We are about 4.5 hours or so away from Chicago but we decided to go up through Wisconsin, around the lake, and back down and it took about 14 hours to get home!! It was great!! We hit a really bad storm just a few minutes into the drive and that was rough but after that we had a great time!! We also hit 100,000 miles on our car!!

I was getting tired so I decided to try a 5 hour energy thing and Jon thought it was hilarious.  I suppose it did wake me up, mostly it just made me feel all hot and uncomfortable for about an hour. Haha!  We stopped wherever we wanted and got out of the car to walk along the beach for a few minutes.  We chased a lot of seagulls and then for lunch we stopped in Mackinaw City and got some pizza, we listened to our book on CD, and we hit a couple fireflies once it started to get dark, which is pretty cool, they still glow for a few seconds after they are squished on the windshield. lol!


It was a really great trip! We had the best time ever!!

Congratulations Travis and Larisa!!! We are so happy for you!! See you when you get back from Aruba!!


  1. Thanks so much Shalay! It meant so much to us that you guys came! We were just talking about how excited we are to see everyone when we get back! See you soon!

  2. You guys are so cute!! That gif is hilarious!

  3. I just needed to tell you I LOVE YOUR BLOG HEADER!!! SUPER CUTE!!!