Tuesday, November 15, 2011

|{ Movember }|

I just love November! It is starting to get cold and snow, the Holidays are coming up, Thanksgiving, Christmas music starts up, our anniversary.  It's just a very exciting time of the year and this year it has been even more busy than usual!

Jon is doing his neurology sequence this month, which is apparently one of the most difficult ones so far in both 1st and 2nd year, so he has been very busy studying.  I have been working as much as I can and just got a new job at Applebee's as a waitress.  I officially start training on Wednesday.  I really hope it goes well.  I am still enjoying massage school and this past weekend I learned Thai massage which turned out to be pretty enjoyable.

This month has flown by! I can't even believe that next Sunday is our 4th year anniversary! It just came out of nowhere, and since Jon is going to be so busy studying and taking his neurology test we have not been able to plan much, but I'm sure it will still be great.  4 years...WOW!

I am increasingly anxious to go and see our families in Utah for Christmas.  I keep seeing pictures of my new nephew, Ethan, and I am dying to meet him and cuddle him! We have been planning our Italian dinner too which is going to be amazing!

Also, November is Movember/No shave November (slightly different things).  Jon is participating so he is growing a mustache to help promote and raise money for male cancers.  He looks kinda funny...different anyway...and I am not really enjoying the tickle-y kisses.  I'll post pictures later with his new look! :)

The photos here are from the first day we got snow!! There is no snow in the pictures but it was such a pretty moment that I ended up grabbing my camera to get in some of the pretty scenery around my house.

I hope you all are having a very happy November!!

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