Sunday, November 20, 2011

|{ All I Need Is Love }|

Today I have been married to my amazing husband for 4 years!!!

I can't even believe it's been 4 years already!! It has gone by so fast and has been the best times of life!!! My husband is everything I could ask for and so so much more!! I feel so lucky to have snatched him up for myself and we still have all of eternity to enjoy being together!!

Today did not really work out with our schedules however.  I had to work today and Jonathan has been studying all day (literally) because he has one of his toughest quizzes this weekend.  Even so, we still made today great.  I surprised Jon with some treats that we remember fondly from our honeymoon and he wrote me the sweetest letter and left it for me to find when I got off of work.  It was all I needed, it was so wonderful!

I am planning on taking pictures sometime soon, I have a little shoot in my head planned out, I just need to find the time to make it happen.

Later tonight we are going to get a pizza and watch our wedding video together! I'm very excited! We are also going to officially celebrate our anniversary on Wednesday and that will be great too!

Oh! And Jon also gave up on Movember.  He hasn't had the time to raise any money so he is just growing a mustache for no reason.  He hated it (and so did I) so he decided to shave it off today!  Here are some photos of him with his 'stache!

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