Tuesday, November 01, 2011

|{ Welcome To Your Nightmare }|

This year for Halloween we actually did something!! Last year we had nothing to do and it was a bummer of a day.  The only downside to this year is that our house is not visited by trick-or-treaters, sad.  At least we don't have to buy candy.

We dressed up as Dwight and Angela from The Office this year! On Friday night we went to a party with some people from our ward.  It was a blast!!! One of the best parties I have ever been too! We had such a good time.    On Saturday we went to a party with some of Jon's classmates but didn't stay too long (not our kind of scene), it was fun while we were there though!

Then on Halloween itself we got together with some friends from the ward, The Miners, and had dinner (Vindaloo!!) and then carved pumpkins and watched the Halloween episode of Modern Family! It's one of my favorite episodes. Gloria- "Welcome to your nightmare! Ah Ah Ah!" HAHA!!!  It was a really good Halloween! :)

Shalay's, The Miner's, Jon's

The back of Shalay's

Jon definitely got into character as Dwight! 


  1. OH NO!!!! This is brilliant!!!! I laughed soooo hard! Great job, Shalay!

  2. lol...i just came across your blog and loved the action picture...too cool!