Saturday, November 26, 2011

|{ Stockings Hung On The Chimney With Care }|

If you know me at all then you will not be surprised that the day after Thanksgiving we started to decorate our house for CHRISTMAS!! I definitely listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies well before that but I try to hold off on decorating to make it a little more special! :)  It's always fun to be in a new place for Christmas because you get to figure where you want everything to go and how to put the lights up outside!

My husband and I both really enjoy decorating for the Holidays! Today we watched 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' and burned a Christmas scented candle while we put up the tree and finished decorating the inside of the house since yesterday we did the outside of the house!! We got done surprisingly quickly and the only thing left to do is find and hang some mistletoe!! Don't worry, we'll warn everyone about the Nargles.  (Geez, can you tell I'm currently reading Harry Potter again?) :)

Here is our house this year!!!

Our hallway



  1. cute cute cute decorations!! Looks fabulous! Yay for Christmas!

  2. love how your home is so festive!!