Sunday, January 01, 2012

|{ The Holidays In Utah: PART II }|

For Christmas Eve we opened our pajamas at my parents house!  We got matching shirts that say 'Peterson University'.  The rest of my family all got matching ones too that said 'Longhurst' instead of 'Peterson'.  They also gave a us a matching onesie for a future baby, it was awesome!!  We played a few games too!

Playing Swedish Twister

After that we went and spent Christmas Eve with Jon's family and slept there that night.

Jon with his parents

On Christmas morning we got up so we could talk to Jon's brother Ben who got to Skype with us from his mission in Estonia! It was so awesome to talk to him!

After that we went over to my parents and spent the rest of Christmas Day with them!

Making Christmas breakfast

Opening presents.  I got lots of Disney movies and Jon put our home video together for me (me thinking we had lost all of our videos)!! Jon got 3 booster packs for Killer Bunnies and I made him (okay my Mom made them for me) that scarf and hat!

Playing games.  Starting at bottom left and moving clockwise:  Jon, Skyler, Kira, Ember, Mom, Shantell.

And more Swedish Twister!!

It was an amazing Christmas!!! I am planning on posting some videos later too!

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