Sunday, February 12, 2012

|{ Early Valentines Day }|

Valentines day is going to be pretty busy for us this year.  I have school and then work a long shift and Jon will be busy with school as well so we won't get to see each other much that day.

So I decided that we should celebrate Valentines Day early! So on Saturday I set up a surprise Valentines Day for Jon.  He spent most of the day at school studying with some classmates so while he was gone I got everything set up!

I made a fort in our living room, using the cushions from the couch, it was pretty comfy actually! I made fried rice for dinner and put it into some take out containers and put it into the fort.  When Jon got home he was so surprised! I had him climb inside and waiting for him was dinner, a dozen yellow roses, and his favorite black licorice! We had dinner and watched the Big Bang Theory on my computer.  It was very relaxing and so much fun! We spent all night in there! We even played Killer Bunnies! It was a wonderful way to celebrate Valentines Day!!

Pardon the bad photos, it was dark and I suck at taking dark indoor photos in a hurry..

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