Monday, February 06, 2012

|{ Analyze Me (Well My Blog Anyway) }|

So I've been thinking about what makes blogs popular and wondering what I could do to make mine more interesting to general readers.

Are my posts too long?

Do I have too many photos?

Are my posts too centered around just my life so they are uninteresting?

Also, I would really like to add links to my blog so it can more easily be navigated, links like the ones they have at The Art Of Making A Baby and Rockstar Diaries.  I want to make my blog more accessible and professional looking in that way.

I would like to do giveaway's sometimes as well but I have no earthy idea how to even go about doing that...

I could definitely use some honest opinions and tips here, I won't be offended!  I would really be grateful for any tips and constructive criticism.


  1. i love to see pictures on blogs, I say you can never have too many ;) your blog is adorable! I need to make some changes to mine or I guess I should say updates.

    Come enter my current giveaway!

  2. I'd love to do a blog post featuring your blog or have you guest blog if you'd be interested. Maybe we could even do some joint giveaways? :)

  3. I think everything is perfect. I want to learn how to do the links as well!