Tuesday, April 10, 2012

|{ Baby Tidbits }|

I imagine I will be sharing these 'baby tidbits' posts as I get closer to trying to get pregnant and of course once I do get pregnant!

Some of these you may know but I just want to share the interesting things I learn. :)

Baby Tidbit #1
From Parent's magazine:
"Q: Can my newborn hear the high-pitched voice I use with him any better than my normal voice?
A: Yes. His brain is best able to process higher-pitched, slower-paced speech, says Dr. Landry.  Using "motherese" encourages him to listen to language and, eventually, repeat the sounds"

Who knew that the sweet, high-pitched 'baby voice' you with babies is actually GOOD for them!! Awesome huh? :)

p.s. I hate sharing a post without a photo, but I have nothing to share, sorry...


  1. Hi dear! I love this tidbit! It makes me feel justified to talk to babies in that annoying talk (rather than just annoyed at myself for wanting to!).

  2. Ha, I wonder if this applies to puppies...then mine are the most intelligent on the block!

  3. It is fun learning facts about babies and pregnancy! So glad that you guys will be trying soon, exciting!