Monday, April 09, 2012

|{ Dunstan Baby Language }|

I saw this video a few months ago shared by a few friends on Facebook...

It's about a program called "Dunstan Baby Language" where this woman who has a photographic memory for sound started to realize that baby's were all speaking their own language.  It consists of 5 words that let you know what the baby needs and ALL babies around the WORLD use the same 5 words!

*This photo is not mine

I was pretty interested in it and looked at more videos about it and then decided to buy the DVDs!  I watched it as soon at it was delivered to my house and I was really excited to try it out, but realized that it would be learned best once I had a baby of my own.

Then yesterday during church there was a baby blessing and the baby started crying.  I was listening to the sound and it took a minute or two before I decided that I thought the baby was saying 'neh' which is the word for hunger.  As the baby was brought back to her mom, who was sitting right behind me, the mom said that she was hungry and pulled out a bottle feed her and she quieted down. I was incredibly happy that I understood the word she was saying! It made me want to watch the DVDs again and keep trying to pay attention!

If I can have even a tiny bit of experience with listening to baby's cries before I have a baby of my own then I will already be ahead of the curve! I can't wait to continue to practice!

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