Friday, August 31, 2012

|{ The Day I Turned 24 }|

The first thing I want you to husband is AMAZING!! I don't know how I got so lucky but he is absolutely incredible and my birthdays are always so much fun...until his birthday comes around and then I just feel guilty because I cannot replicate his awesomeness!

Secondly, I want to apologize for the lack of pictures.  We just didn't end up taking many. *shrug* Oh well.

So, first thing in the morning we got up and went to breakfast at Angelo's, which is a popular restaurant in Ann Arbor and is on the medical school campus.  We got our favorite things to eat, mine is an omelet with ham, cheddar, and avocado and Jon's is Eggs Benedict! SO yummy!! Then, after breakfast Jon gave me this:

"Please don't hang me on this tree, I do not want to die you see! 
If I survive, guess these words three, I'll take you on a Shopping Spree!!"

It also had a few papers with directions for a random address and a note that said that I had an appointment at 1:00.

So, we played hangman at the table and I did NOT want that little dude to die so I took my time.  I never hit that moment where I knew what the answer was and Z was the last letter I had to guess! It was pretty hard!! So I finished the puzzle and it was not helpful.
Me- "What is that?"
Jon- "The place we are going shopping!"
Me- "Ok cool! I've never heard of it..."
Jon- "Yes you have! It's your favorite place!"
Me- *Looking confused at the paper* "Oh! H&M?!?!"
Jon- "Yeah, I definitely had to Google that one."

So, off to H&M we went.  I asked Jon what my budget was, he said I had a little over an hour before we had to leave for my appointment, that was my only limit! WHAT!? Awesome!! It was really fun to walk around the store knowing I literally could get whatever I wanted!! And I did, and it rocked! How cool is he?!

Jon's original plan for my birthday present was going to be a surprise.  In the room that will someday be the nursery for our child there is wood paneling on all the walls and it's all painted this weird gray-blue color.  He knows I hate it and was going to put up drywall in the room and paint it and then surprise me on my b-day! Aww!! But there were complications and our landlord doesn't want us to do that, so we'll have to come up with a new plan instead. Oh well, it's the thought that counts! :) He's so sweet!

Anyway, so after shopping we headed out to my appointment.  He refused to tell me where it was we were going or what the appointment was for but about 45 minutes later we ended up at the dentist...on my birthday... I looked at him and glared and he just laughed.  The appointment ended up being a consultation to put an implant in so I won't have the space in my teeth anymore!!! YAY!!!!! I am so excited!!! I have always been self-conscious about the space and now we are finally getting it taken care of!! I have an appointment on Sept. 25th to get the first of 4 appointments done and it's gonna be the big one where they do all the surgery. I'm a little nervous but excited! The ONLY downside is that I've waited too long to get it done so the roots are starting to grow towards each other so I have to get the tooth behind it pulled and get 2 implants, which means that for a few weeks I will have a bigger space there until the implants actually get placed, but it will be SO worth it!! I can't wait!

Wow, this post is getting long, so let's summarize the rest.
After that we went home and got stuff ready for dinner. We were having people over to make sushi!! It was so yummy and so much fun! We always love making sushi!! Then after that we had more people over and had brownies instead of cake (Triple Chocolate Ghirardelli brownies)! Then Jon got liquid nitrogen and we made homemade mango Dippin' Dots and raspberries! It was delicious and so much fun!!

It was an AMAZING birthday and I have my incredible husband to thank for it! I could not be more blessed!!

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