Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime

We put the lights up on our house over the weekend!! It looks awesome!! Jon still wants to do a little more but that won't be done until after we get back from our trip to Utah!! (We leave in a week from today! Crazy!!)

Jon also fixed up the car to get it ready for the winter.  We had to get a new battery because it kept dying on us! Jon figured out that it was because it was leaking so it was losing power really fast! But he fixed it up by himself as well as bunch of other things that needed to be done and now it's all ready for the winter and we saved a butt load of money because we didn't need to have a mechanic do it! My husband is so great! He is such a good handyman!! He also put up a gutter over our front door because since we didn't have one and we kept getting dripped on whenever it rained!

It still hasn't snowed here and I AM SO SAD!! Mostly because I don't think it will snow before we leave and I bet it will snow before I get back (3 weeks later) and that means I will MISS our first snow in Michigan!! Poo!! 

AND I found out from Jon yesterday that Stephens brand hot cocoa is a FREAKING UTAH thing!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Stephens is the best!!! They don't have anything awesome out here!! What about all the different flavors?!?! Chocolate mint, french vanilla, and my all time favorite Irish cream (YUM!)!! I don't know what I'm gonna do, it sucks, but I guess it is just hot cocoa, I'm sure I'll survive!!

They started playing Christmas music on the radio though!!! YAY!!!!! I am so excited!!! It's definitely Christmastime!! The commercials on the radio and TV are filled with Christmas ads and it's the best!! We got peppermint bark at Costco yesterday!! It is to DIE for!!!! You must try some!!

So things are going well! I am loving my nursery calling in church. Those kids are so precious!! I'll share some stories later.  Jon is a Sunday school teacher now but he won't have to teach until we get back; or he gets back anyway since I'll be there 2 WEEKS longer than he is! I'm gonna miss him so much but it will be fun when we get to be together again! It will be the longest we've been apart since we've been married! I know plenty of people who have husbands in the military though so I really can't complain!!

We got new insurance through my work and so far it has been amazing!! We finally have maternity insurance (for when we need it) and we have started a 'save for a baby' fund! Yay!  Also, my birth control prescription is SO much cheaper and that will really be a blessing!! Things are really falling into place for us now and it is very exciting!

Jon is doing well in school and he is really enjoying it!  Work is going better and better for me as I am getting better and faster at it! It's been awesome!

AND our 3 year Anniversary is on Saturday!!! I can't believe it has been 3 years!! It has been the best years of my life!!

Anyway!! Let me know if you want to do something while I'm in Utah!! I do have to work while I'm there but I'll have time in the evenings and mornings so let me know!!

This is my FAVORITE Christmas song!!! Enjoy!! (The song, not the video)

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  1. No Stephens?! ugh! how do people in michigan ecen have christmas time??? LoL love you! We need to play while your here!