Sunday, January 29, 2012

|{ Biorhythms- Phlomax }|

Do you remember when my awesome hubs did a rap for 'Biorhythms' a few months ago?

If not, I talked about it HERE!!

Biorhythms is a show that the medical school puts on where students get to perform dances, songs, and things of that nature.  Last time Jon's rap group was called 'Phlomax' and this time they got the group back together (with a few new members) and wrote a new rap! It was even better than last time! They did great!! Everyone thought it was hilarious (even though I personally did not understand some of the jokes!)

It's about pathologists (doctors who work in a lab) versus internists (doctors who work directly with patients).

Gangsta- Dr. Agon

This following photos were not taken by me!

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